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• 318 M3/day (2,000 bbl) Gasoline
• 87 Octane USA spec gasoline
• 64 M3/day (400 bbl) Butane/Propane (80% & 20%)
• 18 Dekatherms (18 million btu, 19 gigajoules) of Natural Gas required per day


• 640 M3/day (536 Metric Tons or 4,000 bbl) methanol
• 18 Dekatherms (18 million btu, 19 gigajoules) of Natural Gas required per day

Avoid rain, wind, storm, traffic, and contractor delays. Built indoors, ourplants get to production and revenue fast!

Small Scale GTL Plants

USA local natural gas produces high-grade methanol or gasoline for delivery worldwide.
Small Scale plants have up to 60% of components manufactured indoors using standard sized “skids” lowering costs and allowing construction times to be less than 24 months.
Novello GTL’s management has extensive experience in permitting plants much faster than industry averages using smaller plants. Faster time to market tends to improve financial returns.



Location: Texas Gulf Coast USA
Construction Time:<2 Years
Land Use: ~ 8 Hectares (20 Acres)
Cost pre-financing: ~$USD 175M-200M (gasoline), ~$USD 135M (methanol)
Transportation: Water, pipeline, rail, and trucking options available.

• Nat Gas in the USA has become abundant with pricing which has diverged from crude oil to create an unprecedented “spread” or gap in cost per BTU
• Proven chemistry & technologies guaranteed by major engineering firms allow profitable conversion of Natural Gas to Methanol or Gasoline since 2009. Growing spreads allow small-scale plants to be highly profitable at current market prices.
• Compact Plants provide an offset to rising costs from the recent USA market trends in permitting and site control. Further financial gains are derived from quick time to commercial operations.
• Gasoline volumes worldwide have set records in almost all of the last 60 years. Gasoline produced from natural gas is more environmentally friendly and economic than ever before.

Methanol or Gasoline Compact Plant





Management Experience Enabling Success
Paul Hamilton leads a high caliber team capable of delivering multiple plants based on the first permitted plant of this kind in the USA. As the former CEO and President of Shell Global Solutions and Vice President of Global Engineering and Analytical Technologies, Hamilton is uniquely qualified in understanding the business and chemical dynamics of the energy industry. His vast wealth of knowledge and relationships now take advantage of these unprecedented market conditions. Contact Novello GTL to see how our solutions for faster and lower-risk plants allow you to seize the current market opportunities.


Novello GTL Projects.